I have decided to stop making hives. I have developed an allergy to western red cedar and it has got worse. Thank you to everyone who has bought a hive. I hope your bees prosper. Jim

Jim the Bee is a small business I set up in retirement. I work from a small workshop in the  middle of Dorset making Top Bar beehives from locally sourced Western Red Cedar.

I started beekeeping in top bar hives in 2002. I initially followed the design on the biobees website. I followed this with a second hive, making a few tweaks along the way.

I started selling a few hives and sold one to BBC Gardeners World for Monty Don to use. The orders took off.

I run 1-day workshops in building the hive. All the material is prepared ready and the day is spent putting the hive together and talking about the use of the hive. These workshops are very popular and enjoyed by all who attend. Please book early.

For more information look at the ‘About’ page.

Customer Comments:

Hope all is well with you?  I have just sent deposit of £ 45 via PayPal for my second hive from you for February 2018,  I was so pleased with my first one from you and have had lots of compliments on how lovely it looks.  I noticed that Monty  Don uses the same which I understand is one of yours too!   So just to say have a lovely Christmas and look forward to meeting up with you again once hive ready in February 2018

Thanks  for an amazing day spent building hives and listening to your passion for the bees

July 2109 – Just finished setting up the hives and wanted to say thanks for the Top Bar Hive building day. Not only did I come away with two cracking hives, but also met a nice group of people all working to the same end.
It was most interesting and very informative for me as complete beginner to learn from the others experience and expertise. Especially as three of the group were already successfully using your hives and had come back for more.
In fact that was the icing on the cake being able to benefit from their knowledge and practices when using the hives. Never mind the excellent apple cake served with afternoon tea.

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