Hives for January


Hives cost £245. Please pay deposit of £45 to reserve a hive. See below for description of hive.

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The hives I sell

  • are made from Western Red Cedar sourced in Dorset. The advantages of western red cedar are:
    • Very rot resistant. There is no need to treat the hives, they turn a lovely silver grey colour over time.
    • The boards are 25mm thick providing good insulation. Western red cedar is one of the best woods for thermal insulation.
    • Relatively lightweight. The heaviest part to lift is the top
  • include a viewing window
  • have a stainless steel mesh floor with adjustable bottom board
  • have a periscope entrance to aid defending the hive and it also cuts down on draughts
  • include a length of angle iron to pin the hive to the ground. This provides lateral stability and prevents badgers pushing over the hive.

The hives come with 28 top bars and two follower boards, a periscope entrance, viewing window, mesh floor and adjustable bottom board.

The only maintenance required is to put some oil on the metal parts once a year, especially the window hinge. I periodically clean off the top of the bottom boards as this can get a build up of cappings. I put a piece of white card or similar on top of the bottom board occasionally and leave it for 24 hours. I can then see if I have a varroa problem and fortunately I do not.

I use a level to position my hives. This ensures the comb is drawn vertically down from the bars and helps when splitting the colony